Holidays with children

Dětská herna a tělocvična na pensionu Horské Zátiší

Best holiday with children in the Giant Mountains

Enjoy amazing holidays with children in the nature. Show them the life in the mountains. On our farm, they can see animals such as sheep, hens and trout. They will learn about plants and trees that grow in the mountains.Your children can also play on the playground or in the indoor playroom. In the winter, they can learn to ski on the ski slopes in Mísečky or go cross-country skiing for the first time.

We keep both younger and older children in mind

To let you enjoy your holiday without any troubles, we have prepared our guest house for your little rascals. Not only is the guest house full of toys, games and books, but we can also lend you feeding chairs, children's dishes, bibs, travel cots with blankets and bathtubs.

The meals we cook are suitable for both you and your children aged 2 and over. Dairy products are brought in from a nearby ecological farm and meat is supplied by a tried and tested local butcher. We cook from fresh ingredients and are able to make you soup suitable for children from 8 months of age upon request. Don't just sit at home, take your family to Mísečky!


If you are an organization or family centre director, we will be happy to send you a group stay price list.